New American Girl Doll has movie rumors

McKenna, the new 2012 American Girl Doll is a gymnast and already has rumors of a movie to be released this year. True to American Girl fashion, McKenna has a tragedy to work through and finds the strength in herself to overcome her difficulties. There are a couple of books, an activity book, and styling cards for McKenna’s hairstyles with each outfit. This is a must have addition to the American Girl collector in your life!

This book review, on Desert News, is by Kate De Groote and is about the two books featuring McKenna: Aptly called McKenna, and McKenna, Ready to Fly. Kate is 10 years old and run her very own blog, SuperKidsReviews with her younger sister, Ellie. Both books are written by Mary Casanova and is written in a way that is easy for children to relate.

This book is good for those who needs advice on how to get through hard things.

What are you thoughts on this year’s American Girl doll? Does McKenna find a special place in your collection?

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