Blessings from Above – it’s Bella – by Andrea Arcello

Andrea Arcello, the wildly renowned dollmaker probably best known to the masses for the “Little O” doll she made and presented Oprah Winfrey, has just released a new certified Limited Edition doll, named Bella.

Blessings From Above – Bella is a vinyl doll, and while it is fully poseable looks incredible like a reborn doll. Bella is also hand painted to look as realistic as possible.

Andrea Arcello’s dolls can be directly purchased from her website.

See the full press release here.

Be sure to check out the Oprah doll, one that Andrea made after being inspired by Oprah. When she presented the doll to Oprah, Oprah admitted that she was actually shocked. Check out the short video below where you can see what the Oprah doll looks like and see a glimpse into how these ultra-realistic dolls are carefully created!


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