Rag Dolls for Boys

A mother of two little ones creates rag dolls for little boys. She has joined forces with Richard Branson to produce the first batch of rag dolls.

“Perhaps most importantly, Rag Heroes aims to challenge the stereotypical belief that little boys should not play with dolls. As a mum of two boys and with my background training in counselling and play therapy, I strongly believe that little boys should be encouraged to show their caring side and this should be nurtured by the adults around them.”

She is now competing in “The Pitch 2012” to receive more funding for her boys’ rag doll business.

These dolls will officially launch on August 1, and you can find more details on the Rag Heroes website.

Check out the full story at Toy News by Dominic Sacco.

Psst… If you read Maria’s blog you’ll see that you can win a RagHeroes doll in their contest that is running until the official launch. Check it out!

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