Eleven-Year-Old Provides Hope

Eileen Martin is truly one special little girl! She has spearheaded a project that has grown and has purchased True Hope Dolls to donate to children in her local community hospital suffering with cancers. Each of the dolls is bald and is supposed to encourage hope and inspiration for their new owners.

Childhood cancer has to be especially tough – and Eileen, who is 11 and wasn’t even old enough to donate the dolls herself (her mother had to) is an inspiration in herself.

If you’d like to help out with this, visit Eileen’s “Chip-in” campaign here. You can also follow her on Facebook.

An Eight-Year-Old Girl “Pays It Forward”

After the April 15 tornado in nearby Woodward, Oklahoma killed several people and wiped out several homes, Gretchen Autrey used her money from collecting and recycling cans to purchase toys for children her age. One toy that made a large impact on a Woodward girl and Gretchen was a Disney Tangled doll set, based on the fairy tale Rapunzel.

“She wouldn’t let go of them. That’s how much she liked them,” Gretchen said. “I’m helping these children because it’s kind of like me not having toys,” she said, in an 8-year-old’s expression of empathy.

Local Woodward residents and businesses are now donating cans to Gretchen as she continues to help others in need. You can visit Grethen’s Friends facebook page to find out more about these efforts.

Read the complete story by Bill Sherman at the Tulsa World.

Daddy Dolls Help Fill the Void in Military Kids’ Lives

When daddies are deployed overseas for long periods of time little ones are left in the gap as well. Two military moms came up with the solution to help and are currently marketing their idea.

“The cuddly ‘Daddy Dolls’ are 12 inches tall and have a photograph of the missed parent printed onto them with the words ‘Daddy Loves You’ written across the bottom.”

These dolls, while not able to replace the daddy who is currently deployed elsewhere, have helped to fill a little void in the lives of the children they have “left behind” while serving our country.

The dolls are made by Operation Hug-A-Hero, a charitable organization where you have the opportunity to sponsor or donate to help keep military families close.

Read more on the Daily Mail Online.

Quilted dolls snuggle with the needy

The Kiwanis Club in Ottowa spent the past three weeks hosting quilting bees to cut, sew, stuff, and add final touches to precious handmade dolls. The dolls will go to a local Family and Children service center.

“This is absolutely wonderful,” said Bell when she dropped into the Perth Restaurant to pick up the hand-made creations. “The dolls are a perfect size and there are no mouths on them… so they can be happy or sad – whatever that child is feeling, because not every child we see is a happy child.”

I can see a lot of snuggling with squishy dolls in the near future!

American Girl Ronald McDonald Fundraiser

Local girls in Camden, NJ will be hosting a fashion show to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. This is the show’s 15th year so it is quite a stir right now.

“The American Girl Doll Fashion Show will showcase more than one hundred local models, ages 5-12, walking the runway in historical clothing that resembles the styles of popular American Girl characters including Kaya, Josefina, Addy, Rebecca and others. Older girls will be modeling contemporary looks to “Dress Like Your Doll” and the darling Bitty Baby fashions for younger guests will complete the program.”

Tickets are only $35 so stop by and cheer for your favorite model or your favorite American Girl’s doll!

Read more on NJ.com in this story by Jessica Beym.

One Cabbage Patch TLC’s Couple Don’t Own … Donald Trump!

This is priceless! On eBay for the next couple of days you can buy a one-of-a-kind Donald Trump Cabbage Patch Doll! This one is even personally autographed by the Donald himself!

Click here to see the ebay auction!

Right now you need $500,000 for the doll. Originally this doll’s initial auction in 2004 supported St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital because it is Trump’s favorite charity. This might be your only chance to get this Cabbage Patch Doll – own Donald’s trademark hair, suit, and autograph!

Doll House to be Raffled to benefit Self-Help in Africa and Central America

Waverly Public Library in Iowa currently displays a Victorian doll house that is being raffled to benefit Self-Help in Ghana and Nicaragua.

“The fully furnished house includes handmade curtains and braided rugs. An entry light, ceiling lights, and a floor lamp are electrically wired. Dunkin has even included Christmas decorations of wreaths, garlands, and tree.”

Tickets are $1 or 6 for $5 and the raffle will be held on March 30th. You can purchase a ticket by contacting Self-Help at 319-352-4040. Self-Help is a non-profit that helps solve hunger in a community by helping the people help themselves. If you’d like you can donate directly to this charity’s cause.

Check out Waverly’s facebook page if you’d like. Read the complete story on the Waverly Democrat.

A Girl Wouldn’t Be Dressed Without a Doll

Linda Quinlan, of New York, runs a charity, Angels of Mercy that is working on the Dress A Girl project. Girls from the Girl Scouts, from Our Lady of Mercy High School, and along with people from the community come together and take donated fabric and make dresses to send to impoverished girls worldwide. The Dress A Girl charity has distributed over 21,000 dresses. Angels of Mercy’s goal is to pass 10,000 and they are almost halfway there!

Each dress Angel of Mercy sends is handmade and includes a handmade doll in each pocket!

“The act of making a doll, yet simple, can be life-changing,” said Victoria, a junior at Mercy and president of the Dress a Girl club. “To each little girl, the doll is a symbol that there are people out there who care about them.”

The girls here have discovered that even simple and easy to make dolls can provide happiness!

If you’d like to donate to either charities for this cause, please do. Or you can begin making your own dresses to send as well, there are video instructions here. Read the full article by Linda Quinlan in the Irondequoit Post.