Dolls for young victims or witnesses of crime

Police in Harrisburg, IL have a novel approach to their child victims or children who witness crimes. Police chief Bob Smith has been given a number of handmade dolls that his police department gives to children.

The dolls help break down a wall that has been built up by drugs, alcohol, and other abusive behaviors. These dolls are an immediate bandage for emotional pain that can take years to heal.

The dolls were provided by the Women’s Missionary Union of Raleigh First Baptist Church. Each doll is handmade and is unique. This group has provided dolls for similar situations before, having provided to other charities and shelters in the Saline County area as well as overseas to places like Uganda.

Read more in Brett C. Pinkerton’s story at the Harrisburg DailRegister.

One Family’s Barbie Collection

When John Strojek purchased the first Barbie doll for his little girl as a collector’s item in 1988 he had no idea what he was starting. Now, 200 Barbie dolls later (and most likely still collecting) the family has been contacted to show their dolls at the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock. The exhibit’s name is

“Barbie: The 11 1/2-inch American Icon” is the latest exhibit in the museum’s series, The 11th annual Eclectic Collector.”

The exhibit will run through January 3, 2013. Admission is free unless you want to tour the grounds.

The Strojek collection consists of many different Barbies as well as some of her friends. It has

“nearly 200 dolls, 15 completed series and vintage dolls including a 1963 Midge, a 1964 Skipper, a 1967 Twist N Turn Barbie and a 1968 Talking Barbie, a 1965 Francie doll house and a 1968 Barbie doll house.”

Mr. Strojek has a theory concerning several of the Barbie dolls. The collectors’ dolls are geared more toward adults,” Strojek says.

“So while some feel that certain Barbies should not be geared for children, they are not actually for children but for the adult collectors.”

That is an interesting theory. Would the New Moon Vampire series fit that bill or are they actually for the young girls to play vampire with?

See the full story at ArkansasOnline by Linda Caillouet complete with collection pictures and a video.

Rag Dolls for Boys

A mother of two little ones creates rag dolls for little boys. She has joined forces with Richard Branson to produce the first batch of rag dolls.

“Perhaps most importantly, Rag Heroes aims to challenge the stereotypical belief that little boys should not play with dolls. As a mum of two boys and with my background training in counselling and play therapy, I strongly believe that little boys should be encouraged to show their caring side and this should be nurtured by the adults around them.”

She is now competing in “The Pitch 2012” to receive more funding for her boys’ rag doll business.

These dolls will officially launch on August 1, and you can find more details on the Rag Heroes website.

Check out the full story at Toy News by Dominic Sacco.

Psst… If you read Maria’s blog you’ll see that you can win a RagHeroes doll in their contest that is running until the official launch. Check it out!

American Girl to release a Bald Doll for Children with Cancer

American Girl has recently announced that they will begin producing a bald doll to be supportive of child cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

One girl, Kayla Brooks, of Tennessee, has worked tirelessly to get Barbie, American Girl, Disney and others to produce the bald dolls. See the story of Kayla and her efforts in this story by Lori Mitchell from WKRN tv below.

WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

You can special order the American Girl doll by calling 1-800-628-5145, or if you prefer you can send one of your collection back to the factory to have a bald head put on your doll. There are five different skin tones available for $44. You can do this by sending your doll off to American Girl’s “Doll Hospital“.

You can find additional information in the story by Deborah Kotz of the Boston Globe.

Barbie Goes to the Prom!

Two girls went to their high school prom in Britain as Barbie Dolls, arriving to the prom in actual life-sized boxes!

Emily Pounde and Hannah Jagger, from Wadham School in Crewkerne, were delivered to their school prom boxed up on the back of a flat-bed trailer.

The story is of the two girls who have been Barbie fans since they were little, went to their High School Prom as real life Barbies. The girls wanted to do something different, to stand out, and do that they did as they landed on the BBCs television coverage and in this article by Jenny Hill here.

Proms in Britain can be costly affairs as 10% of the parents will spend over £500 on their child’s prom night.

“It was a bit claustrophobic but it was exciting,” said Hannah.

Have you ever gone as a doll to a party before?

Marc Jacobs SouthPark Doll

Marc Jacobs appeared on SouthPark and recently featured the SouthPark quartet in his stores. From the SouthPark episodes came Marc Jacobs’ character Muscle Man, which is now a new doll available exclusively from Marc Jacobs stores. You have to see this to believe it.

And in a very weird case of life imitating art, Marc now sports a tattoo of his cartoon self as well.

Go here to check out the Marc Majobs Special Muscle Man doll!

And if you need to fill up on South Park, well, you can do that too if you want. Read the full story, along with a photo comparison of the two Marc’s on in Tommye Fitzpatrick’s article.

Long Lost Roddy Queen Elizabeth Coronation Doll found

You just never know what you might find in the things people are going to toss out. Jean Pritchard was on the prowl for doll parts and she was searching car boot sales (garage sales). She found an old carrier bag full of doll parts but didn’t realize the treasure that lay within.

“When I got it home I emptied it all out in the garden and there was a doll with very small arms and a dress and trail in a real mess.”

The doll was made by Roddy Doll Company in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1952. She has not been able to find documentation for the doll.

Jean Pritchard runs Pritchard’s Doll Hospital in Lancashire.

Jamie Bowman’s story, found on the Southport Visiter or Liverpool Echo, has more details about the doll and the circumstances surrounding it’s discovery.

Coronation Dress Replicated on Dolls

In the 1950’s doll collector Dicey Williams made a model of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation dress. She also made a replica of the cape Queen Victoria wore at her diamond jubilee.

“Another exhibition, marks the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria with a collection of historic items, such as a delicate silk cape which was donated in 1952.

Very recently, the museum has received confirmation that the cape is, in fact, the one worn by Queen Victoria at the garden party in Buckingham Palace on the occasion of her own diamond jubilee on June 28, 1897.”

The dolls were originally supposed to be cremated with the owner upon her demise but she had a change of heart and donated them to the museum instead. If you are in or near Worthing, take a little time and stop and visit the Worthing Museum and Art Gallery. Part of the museum’s collection is devoted to dolls and they have over 1,000 dolls now – some as old as from the 1800’s. Also on display is doll accessories, doll clothes, and doll houses (like their 1840s dollhouse from Sussex).

Read more and see some great photos of the Queen dolls at the Worthington Herald.

Lifetime Collection of Dolls being Auctioned

Frasher’s Doll Auctions, out in Missouri, will be auctioning over June 16 and 17th the forty-year collection of Anne and Dennis Lambert. They will also be auctioning over 100 half-doll figurines from the estate of Ginger Dean.

This two-day auction can also be accessed through the Internet. They have a 112 page catalog full of pictures of what will be for sale, but you can access the catalog and look at these photos over the Internet at Liveauctioneers.

Wonderful models of the elegant French poupees parade through the catalog pages accompanied by their luxurious necessities and accessories, while bebes from Jumeau, Steiner, Bru, Rabery and Delphieu, and others vie for attention. Pretty German girls, characters and babies are plentiful and range in size from 8 inches nearly 3 1/2 feet.

Not everything available is exquisite for example you can find Raggedy Ann and Shirley Temple as well! So, regardless if you are in the market to expand your collection of dolls, figurines, or dollhouses, or just want to look at all the pictures of great dolls, then be sure to head over and take a look at what is available. At the very least this will satisfy your doll fix for the next little while. :)

Read more here on the Auction Central News.