American Girl Today Show Special 61% Discount for Christmas

If you are watching the Today show this morning and the Jill’s Steals & Deal segment, you will have heard about the special bundle offer that is running! It is today, from 8:15 until supplies run out. Simply put the code that you get off the broadcast into the checkout and you’ll get a great 61% discount!

What dolls are included?


Click here for the actual sales page on American Girl. Remember – watch the show to get the special discount code!

Pssssttt… The code is JILLOFFER

Be sure to let us know how you did! Do you enjoy special sales like this?

American Girl to release a Bald Doll for Children with Cancer

American Girl has recently announced that they will begin producing a bald doll to be supportive of child cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

One girl, Kayla Brooks, of Tennessee, has worked tirelessly to get Barbie, American Girl, Disney and others to produce the bald dolls. See the story of Kayla and her efforts in this story by Lori Mitchell from WKRN tv below.

WKRN, Nashville News, Nashville Weather and Sports

You can special order the American Girl doll by calling 1-800-628-5145, or if you prefer you can send one of your collection back to the factory to have a bald head put on your doll. There are five different skin tones available for $44. You can do this by sending your doll off to American Girl’s “Doll Hospital“.

You can find additional information in the story by Deborah Kotz of the Boston Globe.

5 Year Old “Pays It Forward”

A five year old girl received a donation of an American Girl Bitty Baby Doll at the end of her 4-day stay in the hospital. The gift was part of a program by American Girl where people can donate dolls to children in the hospital.

“The Children’s Hospital Association is corporate organization who has a contract with American Girl, where people can donate these dolls. These dolls are then passed on to Saint Barnabas to give out to children staying in the hospital.”

After a whole year of saving money Alexis Rubinstein purchased a brand new American Girl Bitty Baby and donated it back to the hospital, Saint Barnabas Medical Center.

Read the touching story by Jennie Russo at this Livingston, NJ website, Also here on You can also find out more about the Children’s Hospital Association by visiting their website.

Little Girls strut their American Girl Stuff

The Junior League of Philadelphia hosted an American Girl Fashion Show. Approximately 150 girls were modeling their outfits and their dolls on the catwalk.

“We’re really excited about it—American Girl is great company to work with,” Morgan said. “They do a lot of community service … and they’re all about empowering girls and teaching girls about history and community service … and we thought they were a natural fit for us given our lengthy involvement in community service in the Philadelphia area.”

The evening was filled with catwalks, silver, and fine china. What a combination! See the complete story and photos in Amanda Mahnke’s story in the Tredyffrin-Easttown Patch.

If you or your little girl are interested in competing in next year’s fashion show, it’s good to know that the article says contestants were selected first-come-first-serve based on how much they looked like their selected American Girl doll! So, that may be a key to getting you into next year’s show. Wouldn’t that be cool?

American Girl Ronald McDonald Fundraiser

Local girls in Camden, NJ will be hosting a fashion show to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. This is the show’s 15th year so it is quite a stir right now.

“The American Girl Doll Fashion Show will showcase more than one hundred local models, ages 5-12, walking the runway in historical clothing that resembles the styles of popular American Girl characters including Kaya, Josefina, Addy, Rebecca and others. Older girls will be modeling contemporary looks to “Dress Like Your Doll” and the darling Bitty Baby fashions for younger guests will complete the program.”

Tickets are only $35 so stop by and cheer for your favorite model or your favorite American Girl’s doll!

Read more on in this story by Jessica Beym.

Addy the American Girl Doll Day is Saturday

For Addy’s American Girl fans near Elkhart County Historical Museum, this Saturday will be THE DAY to go to the museum! The museum is holding its’ Annual American Girl Doll Day.

Program attendees will do fun crafts and activities centered on Addy’s life while also learning a bit about the Civil War and slavery.

Spoiler alert … spool puppets are on the agenda. This is a great way to get parental “brownie points” for those with American Girl dolls.

Read the story in the South Bend Tribune and see the details on pre-registering for this event at the museum here.

American Girl store to open in Miami

A new American Girl store, complete with a bistro and hair salon, will be opening as Florida’s first American Girl store in The Falls open-air shopping center in Miami.

“It’s slated to open this fall on the east side next to Bloomingdale’s.”

Be aware that this area will be flooded by little girls and their dolls as well as dazed parents trying to clutch on to their pockets and wallets. Although you can get serious parental brownie points by taking your pint-sized girl to the store for an afternoon of head reeling shopping that your girl will love you for. Because this store will truly be 16,000 square feet of doll heaven!

You can read American Girl’s announcement here and be sure to visit their facebook page to tell them how excited you are.

Hold on to your Hats! American Girl store is opening in Houston!

It takes a state as big as Texas to host two American Girl Stores. There is one in Dallas and soon there will be a second one, complete with restaurant, in Houston.

“American Girl has created an empire of doll characters based in historical eras, as well as accompanying clothes, accessories, books, totes, magazines and movies.”

Join the celebrity craze as well as the girls who love this line of toys … Let’s all jump and squeal for this new store opening.

New American Girl Doll has movie rumors

McKenna, the new 2012 American Girl Doll is a gymnast and already has rumors of a movie to be released this year. True to American Girl fashion, McKenna has a tragedy to work through and finds the strength in herself to overcome her difficulties. There are a couple of books, an activity book, and styling cards for McKenna’s hairstyles with each outfit. This is a must have addition to the American Girl collector in your life!

This book review, on Desert News, is by Kate De Groote and is about the two books featuring McKenna: Aptly called McKenna, and McKenna, Ready to Fly. Kate is 10 years old and run her very own blog, SuperKidsReviews with her younger sister, Ellie. Both books are written by Mary Casanova and is written in a way that is easy for children to relate.

This book is good for those who needs advice on how to get through hard things.

What are you thoughts on this year’s American Girl doll? Does McKenna find a special place in your collection?