Eleven-Year-Old Provides Hope

Eileen Martin is truly one special little girl! She has spearheaded a project that has grown and has purchased True Hope Dolls to donate to children in her local community hospital suffering with cancers. Each of the dolls is bald and is supposed to encourage hope and inspiration for their new owners.

Childhood cancer has to be especially tough – and Eileen, who is 11 and wasn’t even old enough to donate the dolls herself (her mother had to) is an inspiration in herself.

If you’d like to help out with this, visit Eileen’s “Chip-in” campaign here. You can also follow her on Facebook.

My Living Doll: The Official Collection

While this isn’t exactly doll related, it is in the news. Finally this 1960s tv, My Living Doll, this show gets its long awaited DVD debut on March 20! Julie Newmar and Robert Cummings star in this science fiction television show.

Julie Newmar is Rhoda, an android – doll – who is being trained to be human and lifelike by Robert Cummings, Dr. Bob McDonald. The show wasn’t quite popular enough and was cancelled after one season. This DVD set will contain 11 episodes of the 26 that were made, the other 15 cannot be found.

You more than likely are familiar with the show, as it is the source of the phrase “Doses not compute” in pop culture today!

Learn how to paint capillaries on the reborn doll your making

If you are in the middle of a project that has you crafting a reborn doll you want to make sure that the doll looks as realistic as possible, because that is the goal of a reborn doll.

There is an excellent new instructional video online that details how to achieve this realistic result in step-by-step fashion.

The video is from Still Moments Nursery and if you are new to the whole reborn doll scene, then give this wikipedia article a quick read. You can also find out more at the International Reborn Doll Artists website.