1910 find under Doll House

While rummaging in the family attic in Ohio Karl Kissner found in an old box underneath a dollhouse. The box was full of baseball cards from around 1910. All of the cards were rated, by experts, s an 8-10 and no one has seen cards above a 7 this old. His Honus Wagner rates a 10, so this is quite a find!

“Baseball memorabilia experts have been taken aback by the discovery,  New York-based Barry Sloate saying, “this is probably the most interesting find I’ve heard of,” and Joe Orlando, president of Professional Sports Authenticator, saying, “Every future find will ultimately be compared to this.”

Are you getting inspired to either check your attic closely or look under the kid’s dollhouse?

Read the complete tale here on Yahoo! Sports.

The family is almost united in their decision to sell their personal share of the cards. Wonder how they decide who gets which card?