Life of a reborn doll artist

Liviana Sirmans is a reborn doll artist, also known as a “reborner” and she makes incredibly lifelike dolls.

Liviana was first exposed to reborn dolls 10 years ago and was so fascinated that she bought one over eBay and being emailing with it’s creator and soon was buying the components and making her very own dolls.

Each reborn doll she makes is unique and finely detailed — even down to having the individual strands of hair micro-rooted.

The vinyl head, arms and legs must be washed to eliminate the grease and accumulation from being touched. After they are completely dried, she begins painting the veins. While the veins on the arms and legs are painted on the outside, the veins in the head are painted from the inside.

Her dolls each come with a birth certificate.

Read the full story about Liviana by Elizabeth Butler in the Valdosta Daily Times and find out what doll she never wanted to part with and just why she will never say how much she’s totally paid for her doll collection!